Monday, January 6, 2014

Language Stars Is Holding Free Class Weeks {Jan 6-18, 2014} and You Can Get an iTunes Gift Card!!!!

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Here we are! It is 2014 and it is time to start something new. I have written before about how passionate I am about children learning another language at a young age. When my daughter was born, I was determined to give her the chance to learn a language younger than I did. Unbeknownst to me when we moved to Arlington Heights years ago, we were actually living near a Language Stars Center. When I learned that we lived near a center, I was thrilled that I would be able to give my daughter this wonderful opportunity. For the past four years, my daughter has loved every minute of her time at Language Stars. Plus, she is making definite strides in her language acquisition.

Interested in learning about Language Stars? The next two weeks present the perfect time to visit Language Stars and see what they are all about! Through January 6-18, 2014, you can sign up for a free class at any Language Stars Center in the Chicagoland area {there are 15!}to see the program in action. Plus, when you attend your session--you will receive a $10 gift card for iTunes! Nice!  Additionally, any new family that enrolls during this period will receive a $100 discount off of their class tuition. There is more-----you can enter a giveaway and perhaps become the lucky family that wins a free month of Language Stars classes!

Language Stars in action:

Language Stars focuses on a hands-on, play based method of teaching language. I am a firm believer that to really learn a language, you must speak it. So, I love that Language Stars keeps the kids speaking the entire class---and on topics that interest them. Plus, Language Stars infuses culture into language learning. During a recent class, my daughter made chocolate croissants. Elements like this make learning more tangible. By using the language in practical ways, I feel that my daughter will retain more.

I have really enjoyed seeing my daughter develop her knowledge of French over the years. Now, she often plays with her dolls in French. On our trip to Paris, she was able to order in French on her own. She is always helping me with my accent--which is much appreciated!

Language Stars provides parents with tools such as worksheets and audio files to help children work on their language learning at home. Even if you do not speak the language, this will help you reinforce your child's learning and maybe pick up some words yourself!

Ready to take a peek? To set up a time to visit one of the Chicagoland sites during this amazing promotion, head over to the Language Stars website. My daughter was hooked after her first visit and retained words immediately. You will be amazed by what you experience!

Plus, don't forget to enter Language Star's giveaway for one month of free classes! What an awesome prize! You may enter below!

**The giveaway is being hosted by Language Stars. Two Moms is not responsible for rewarding the prize. The prize will be rewarded by Language Stars.

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