Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Still Sticking With Hass Avocados

I tried making deviled eggs with avocado this evening in an effort to allow my Florida avocado to redeem itself.  I read several recipes for the dish and opted to create my own composite dish.  I mixed the egg with the avocado, some dijon mustard, and a dash of tabasco sauce.  (The avocado was used in place of mayonnaise.) I dusted the eggs with a little thyme.  The resulting dish was ok---nothing to write home about.  I liked the zing of the tabasco sauce but it made the eggs a little too salty.  While the avocado provides a healthier fat than mayonnaise, it didn't really add much to the flavor of the eggs.  I wonder if this would change with a Hass avocado?  After this effort, my verdict on the Florida avocado is that it really doesn't do anything for me and I will be sticking with Hass avocados.

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