Friday, December 16, 2011

School's Out--Now What?

When the school bell rings this afternoon,  my daughter will be off for two weeks--yes, two weeks!  Some panic has stricken in--what I am going to do with her for two weeks?  To make things a little more manageable, I have made a list of ideas for the week that will help us have an enjoyable yet productive time.  Here are some of the ideas that I have:
  • Go roller skating.
  • Have a play date (or two or three).
  • Check out the library winter reading program.
  • Check Barnes and Noble for storytimes.
  • Place our myriad of pictures into photo albums.
  • Work on crafts that we already have in our house (i.e. received as gifts or purchased during one of my many Joann's runs).
  • Take out some old games that we haven't played in awhile (the idea here--something old becomes new again).
  • Go see the holiday lights.
  • Get some fresh air walking the dogs.
  • Go to the local indoor pool.
  • While organizing our new holiday treasures, gather some items for donation.
What other ideas do you have for surviving the break?

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