Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Web Page Wednesday

We are going to try something a little new today.  I thought that I would share a web page that really struck me as interesting today.

I am a big news hound, so I check the news websites throughout the day.  Today I found an interesting article on MSNBC.  The article is called When animals age: Poignant photo portraits captured.  The subject of the article, photographer Isa Leshko, has been working on a photo study of aging in animals.  She has been using it as a means to work through her own emotions while watching her mother deteriorate as she ages and succumbs to Alzheimer's. 

This particular study struck me.  I think that we can learn a lot about aging and addressing our fears about aging from animals.  By watching my own 11-year-old dog age, I can see how animals manage it much better than we do.  Despite her ailments, my dog seems to still have a large range of motion and still gets into much of the same high jinx she used to when younger.  Much of the time, she does not seem to cognizant of her age.  Of course, she has her days.  But, she definitely does not mope around like some older humans that I have known. 

Leshko's pictures do provide an interesting perspective.  Her photos do give aging dignity.  Her project can be seen on her website.  Take a look!

Here is a photo of my lovely senior citizen:


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