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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Wednesday's Child

I love my daughter; really I do. But there are times - many, in fact - when I think she might be better off with another family who would be more patient with her. Like a nice household in Guatemala. Or maybe the Duggars.

While my kid is a wondrous girl - beautiful, smart, inquisitive, funny, loving - she is also a handful and a half. I know, cry me a river. Not a unique story; I'm told this is a common thing especially with females who are also only children. But my husband and I are confounded by how temperamental she is. Nothing prepared us for the whining, crying meltdowns that only seem to have gotten worse the older she gets. Remember those labor - baby preparation classes we all took when we were pregnant? (useless, that pain management part). In hindsight, I'd rather have been given tips on how to handle a 6-year-old who goes postal when told she can't wear her fancy Easter dress to the park.

And she simply is unaware how good she's got it. Loving parents, stable household. She does not lack for the basics (food, shelter, clothing), nor the luxuries (richly appointed pink bedroom, toys, art supplies, books, piano/ballet/ice skating lessons, etc. etc.). Kids her age in China are working in sweatshops for pennies a day, dontcha know? Not that I want that life for her, but I do wish she had more thankfulness for her blessings. I wish there was a soup kitchen nearby so I could sign her up to volunteer.

But I need help here, because summer is fast approaching. The thought of dealing with her all day long, for nearly 3 months, scares me silly. There is a week-long Bible Camp (with her cousins, in McHenry) on the horizon, but I need more. I'll probably sign her up for some park district camp sessions or other activities, but - let's face it - her personality is here to stay. Say a prayer for me to develop more patience and/or wisdom. In the meantime, I'm thinking of sending a pitch letter to the Duggars to adopt her for the summer. Say what you will about them, but you have never seen any of those 20 kids talk back or disrespect their parents. In fact, it might make for a good reality show....

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