Website Wednesday: Travel Websites

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

There is nothing I love more than planning a trip. Here are some of the travel sites that I rely on:

Tripadvisor -- Tripadvisor has almost every hotel, restaurant, and activity that you can think of along with reviews. I have been using it for years and the reviews have really helped me make some great choices. The reviews are no holds barred, so you read about things that you would not have thought about.

Cruise Critic -- Cruise Critic has it all when it comes to cruising. You can research cruise lines, specific cruise ships, specific itineraries, and excursions. The reviews by fellow cruisers on this site have been invaluable. Plus, there are roll calls so you can meet up with members on your cruise if you would like. -- was my go-to resource when planning our Disney trip. It truly helped me cut some corners. I actually used a coupon code from there for our cab. Cool!

Frommer's and Fodor's -- I have grouped these two together because I use them both in the same way.
They are really useful for international travel. However, I mostly use them for the message boards because other travelers' insights can be very useful.

Travel Channel -- The Travel Channel has a lot of guides on your favorite travel destinations. Plus,
you can find the locations that the likes of Anthony Bourdain and Adam Richman have visited. I think this site is a treasure trove most people don't think about.

Trekaroo -- I just learned about Trekaroo this year from my blogging friend at Oh, The Places We Go.
The site is a family travel website that you gives you a parents-eye view of activities, hotels, and more. It is ever expanding, so watch it grow and write some reviews yourself!

Do you have any awesome travel sites that you rely on? Share in the comments!

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