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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Me in a Tree: a helpful family website {Website Wednesday}

Over the past two weeks, my family has been trying out the website Me in a Tree. Me in  a Tree is an innovative website that provides a program aiding parents in helping their children grow into responsible adults as the family works together. The site has various tools for helping the family stay organized including a shared calendar. Additionally, it has resources just for parents to use.

Immediately, the website will grab your attention. The graphics are engaging as well as uplifting. As soon as my daughter saw the page, she was excited about learning how to use the site. Sometimes, it can be difficult to get children totally involved in family activities--especially ones that require work! With this website, my daughter was hooked from the beginning. By creating our own avatars for the program, the program really gave us a personal feel. Of course, my daughter loved seeing what our avatars would end up looking like!

We enjoyed giving the website a whirl and tried some of the applications.  Part of the website can be used to organize and assign family duties. This application allows parents and kids to check their assigned duties for each day. At the end of the day, family members indicate which duties they have completed. Parents have the ability to verify which duties children actually completed. My daughter has been having fun checking on her tasks each day and marking the ones she has completed. She has been really inspired to finish all of her tasks for each day. Hopefully, this trend will last!

Our favorite application from Me in a Tree has to be the Family Huddle. During the Family Huddle, the family comes together to discuss their week, work on a family challenge, and more. Each family member gets to be a part of the conversation. This guided application helps the family work together. We have been looking forward to the Family Huddle each week. We found it to be an excellent opportunity to discuss our lives as well as work on problems and projects as a family.

Additionally, the site has a Family Assessment portion that allows you to pinpoint issues that your family may have. The assessment can help your family to determine any current and/or potential issues and address them--perhaps in the Family Huddle.

Overall, we have found the site fun and useful. We did have difficulty navigating a couple of times. However, there are videos to help. Eventually, we got the hang of everything. Some portions of the site are still being built or added to. It will be neat to see how these develop!

In you are interested in giving Me in a Tree a try, you can try the site out for free for two weeks. There is no credit card required for the free trial period--I love that! With the free trial, you can give the website a spin and see if it helps your family members connect. After the trial period, memberships run as low as $5.99 per month per family. It really is a fun yet productive website for the family!

**Disclosure: A complimentary product was received for the purpose of making an accurate review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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