Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Website Wednesday: At Home Spa Day

When my daughter and I found ourselves at home yesterday during a snow day, I thought, "Let's have a spa day!" I was pretty excited about it and started combing the web for ideas. Of course, my daughter was not quite so excited. We did not end up having our impromptu spa day. However, I did find a few websites with some at home spa ideas.

I have made a list of some of the ones that I have found:
  • Web MD has a list of facial masks, hair conditioners, and body scrubs--many of which you can make using items you have in your fridge. Some sound real intriguing. Others I am not sure about. (The chocolate mask sounds interesting, but it is made with cottage cheese. I am not sure how that would feel?)
  • Whole Living's At Home Spa Guide has a great list including how to make your own essential oils, mood mists and lip balm.
  • Glamour has a list of 13 DIY At-Home Spa Tricks that include how to warm up your lotion for after your shower and using lemon to soften elbows.
  • Women's Health Magazine has some vineyard-inspired treatments including an olive oil body treatment. I have been hearing a lot about olive oil products lately. I wonder how this treatment is?
  • All You has a few quick treatments. If you need a quick indulgence, check them out!
Some of these treatments are great for a little pampering here and there. Others are so easy that you may want to add them to your regimen!

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