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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Website Wednesday: Bringing birds to your yard

We have been fun watching birds in our yard and adding things to attract more. We have a birdhouse, two feeders, and a "weed" that attracts goldfinches. I say "weed" because we have opted to not remove it because it attracts goldfinches. We will have to see if it becomes too menacing this year. Hopefully, it won't!

When looking online for some more information about attracting more birds to our yard, I found All About Birds by the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology. This site has a wealth of information about feeders, landscaping and nest boxes. When I say a wealth of information, I mean a wealth of information from nesting materials, to handling competitors, keeping birds safe from windows, helping a bird that has hit your window, understanding how different plant groups attract birds and much more. There are even some birdcams that you can use to watch some birds. Pretty neat for the little ones!

If you are trying to attract some more bird friends to your yard this year, definitely check out this cool website!

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