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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Website Wednesday: Cool list of DIY crafts

So, I have been having a good run on StumbleUpon lately. This time, I found an article on StudentBeans.com that has 15 DIY crafts that are pretty neat. Just to give you an idea, they show you how to make a bowl out of buttons, a soap dispenser from a bottle of Jack and coasters out of bottle caps. Too cool! However, they really had me at this craft: 

Isn't it neat? I would never have thought to do this. Head over to 15 DIY crafts you need to make now to see how to make this craft as well as some other really interesting ones.

I am not sure that I will attempt this craft, but I love the look of it. However, I may try the button bowl. I have quite the collection of buttons to use up! So, I guess StumbleUpon really can help you find some web gold after all!

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