Monday, May 20, 2013

Gardening inspirations with Miracle-Gro

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Leaves are on the trees, flowers are blooming and bugs are buzzing. This time of year inspires many to start a garden--some even for the first time! Gardening can be fun and really let your creative juices flow!
Sometimes, you just need a little creative nudge to put together a cute garden. Miracle-Gro has put together a selection of simple yet fun gardens to inspire you! The Gro Project shows some adorable and easy gardens that would be fun for you and the kids to put  together. I was personally inspired by the Toyrarium which is a tiny garden inside of a fish bowl complete with itty-bitty plants and little dinosaurs.
I opted to use some "repurposing" in my garden creation. I removed the wax from an old jar candle. I did this by warming some water, placing the jar into the water for about a minute or two and removing it. The wax was soft enough that I was able to crack it a bit and then slide it out of the jar. You will want to be careful  ande barely warm the jar so that it does not shatter. Do not leave it in the water very long at all. I let it cool a tiny bit before removing the wax.

After removing the wax, I washed out the jar and let it dry. Once it was dry, my daughter and I filled it in with a little soil.

Next, we planted a couple of "mini" plants. We filled in a little more soil and gave the plants some water. Then, my daughter chose a couple small figures to add to her garden scene. The project looks nice and reused some items that we had around the house.

For more gardening ideas, you can follow Miracle-Gro's fun garden projects Pinterest board and even share some gardening exploits.
Miracle-Gro also has a lot of easy solutions for gardeners. The Miracle-Gro Gro-ables Globe Tomato Seed Pods look pretty interesting for the new gardener. The pods have the seed, growing mix and plant food all in one container. Convenient and ready to go!  For an indoor garden, like the one we created, Miracle-Gro has Shake n'Feed Moisture Control All Purpose Plant Food and Moisture Control Potting Mix. For outdoor projects, take a look at the LiquaFeed All Purpose Plant Food Advance Starter Kit.
If you have hit a brick wall and can't think of new gardening ideas, check out Miracle-Gro! They have a lot of tips and tools to help every gardener!

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