A Little Time and a Keyboard: Language Stars and the gift of a second language {in time for summer}

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Language Stars and the gift of a second language {in time for summer}

**Disclosure: We will receive some complimentary classes in exchange for this post. No other compensation was received. All opinions are 100% our own.

Before having a child was a reality, I knew that one of the greatest gifts I could give my future child would be the gift of a second language. While vacationing in Niagara Falls as a child, I met a gentleman from Denmark who spoke seven languages. I was totally amazed! Not long after, I began my own journey with foreign language and learned French. My one regret was that I did not learn the language at a younger age. While it really was out of my hands as a child, I recognized how much more proficient I would be if I had learned French younger. So, I knew that I would my best to make things different for my child.

We are very lucky to live in the Chicagoland area with its wealth of resources. When my daughter was a little bouncing baby, I was delighted to learn that Language Stars provided language learning for young children right here in our own town. Admittedly, I was a little nervous at first to totally jump into language learning for my daughter. Would it be too structured? Would she be sitting at a desk for 90 minutes? Would she have a lot of writing to do at home? One of the wonderful things about Language Stars--you can come in for one sample class to see what the program is all about. After watching the young children engage in language learning with teachers that made learning fun and exciting, I was sold.

How could you not have fun in this bright and engaging classroom:

Language Stars is so much fun that daughter is excited to go each week. While the learning for the younger students is entirely play-based, the children are retaining the language through fun.  When my daughter first started Language Stars, she refused to speak with me in French. Now, even if she does not respond in French, she does reply indicating that she understands at least some of what I am saying. If she does not understand, she is able to identify what she does not understand. On a trip to Montreal, she picked out a few words that she understood on signs. I feel like in the last few months, she has entered a window and is picking up more of the language.

Often, we struggle to find challenging yet fun activities for kids during the summer. For the past 3 years, my daughter has taken Language Stars classes over the summer. Language Stars uses some more campy, summery themes in during the break. However, the kids are learning and are engaged. If you have been pondering about finding language classes for your children, I recommend trying Language Stars this summer. The Arlington Heights, Barrington and Crystal Lake locations have rolled back their prices for their 10 year anniversary (you can save 40%). This is quite a deal! Here is some information about this amazing promotion:

It’s our 10th anniversary and we’re celebrating by rolling back prices to 2003!
This summer, you can save 40% at our Arlington Heights, Barrington and Crystal Lake locations. Save even more when you refer your friends to our Spanish, Mandarin, French, German and Italian FunImmersion programs, all taught by dynamic, native speaking teachers. Your child will love making new friends and learning about new cultures while experiencing our fantastic play-based curriculum featuring music, games, art projects, treasure hunts and more! To enroll and save 40% this summer, call 866-55-STARS and mention “Price Rollback” or visit www.languagestars.com/pricerollback.

There are so many reasons why we love Language Stars. The teachers are engaging and really understand how to work with children and help them gain confidence in a language. Parents get to be part of the learning during parents days a couple of times a year. Parents also have access to other tools to help reinforce language learning at home even if you do not speak the language your child is learning. The children are always delighted to go to class and are excited to learn. Language Stars has been a great experience!

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