Sunday, September 15, 2013

UniverSoul Circus is coming to Chicago!

The UniverSoul Circus is coming to Chicago this week, starting its visit on Wednesday, September 18th in Washington Park before moving to Union Park October 11-20. The UniverSoul Circus began in 1994 and has become one of the largest circuses in the U.S.A. By incorporating hip-hop and pop music and cross-cultural acts, the UniverSoul Circus changes up circus traditions. The UniverSoul Circus has a number of interesting acts including:
  • Caribbean dancers - Decked out head to toe in colorful, festive costume, dancers from the the islands of Trinidad and Tobago perform stimulating, show-stopping routines.
  • Irina Markova's comedy dogs - The talented dogs take the show to new heights with jumps, leaps and tumbles through hoops.
  • Contortionists - Twisting and contorting in unimaginable ways, the unbelievable Ethiopian performers are known to stun audiences.
  • Teeterboard acrobatics - One or more acrobats jump from one end to launch a flyer from the other, propelling into the air for a must-see display
As a lead up to the circus run, the UniverSoul Circus will be holding a free "Circus Camp" for kids from 3:30PM-7:30PM on Tuesday, September 17 in Washington Park (5531 S. Martin Luther King Drive). Kids will be able to work on Caribbean dance, limbo, stilt walking, acrobatic, hip-hop yoga, juggling, being a clown, arts and crafts, ringmaster duties and more alongside circus performers. What an experience! Plus, how can you beat such a fun event that is free! Other local talent including the Jessie White tumblers will be present, too.

If you would like tickets for the circus, they run $16-$35 and you can order them through Ticketmaster. Children under 1 are free.
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