Repurposing with siggi's and a Giveaway! {5/4/15}

Saturday, April 25, 2015

**Disclosure: As a member of Siggi's Culture Club, I do receive complimentary product. All opinions are 100% my own.

This week was Earth Day so it is the perfect time to reflect upon our impact on the environment and what we each can do to improve it. This month as an ambassador for siggi's, I was asked to reuse siggi's cups to show how we can all repurpose products around our house. Since we are furiously working on garden preparations, I jumped at the chance to use siggi's cups to start some seeds. I originally planned to germinate some vegetable seeds. However, the winter in Chicago was so long that I cannot wait to see flower populate my yard. So, I opted to start morning glories instead!

What a fun little project for our family and just in time for Earth Day and spring! Here is so more information about siggi's:

Info about siggi's eco-conscious package design:

The design of siggi's cups honors the company's effort to be eco-conscious. Several features of siggi's packaging demonstrate an effort to minimize their impact on the environment:
  • The cups use about 40%-50% less plastic than standard cups.
  • All plastics used are BPA free.
  • The cardboard sleeve can easily be removed to be recycled separately from the plastic cup. Additionally, minimal adhesive is used to attach the sleeve. 
Our flowers are coming!

Tidbits about siggi's skyr:
I also love siggi's commitment to using simple, natural ingredients. This in itself shows concern not only for how food is processed but providing a nourishing product for families. Some things to know about siggi's skyr:
  • Skyr is an Icelandic style of yogurt that is particularly high in protein.
  • siggi's does not use artificial sweeteners, preservatives or coloring.
  • The milk for siggi's comes from local family farms in Upstate New York that do not use growth hormones.

Have you tried siggi's yet?

We have been enjoying skyr ever since our first trip to Iceland in 2012. Once you start, you can't go back! Siggi's can be a little thicker than standard yogurts. I love this because you feel satisfied quicker. The yogurt is quite smooth and the flavors are light, not too strong. Would you like to try siggi's for yourself? We are giving away 3 free cups to 2 lucky winners! The giveaway is up to US residents 18-years-old and older. Giveaway ends 5/4/15. Enter below:

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