Sunday, March 20, 2016

Two Local Native Plant Sales

bee on coneflower in Illinois

Over the past few years, we have been adding more native plants to our yard. Planting native plants is very important to supporting the wildlife of the area. Adding natives has been garnering even more attention in recent years with the declining monarch population. To bolster the monarch population, homeowners have been encouraged to plant milkweed in their yards. I have learned over the years too that since native plants are particularly adapted to our climate, they are actually easy to maintain. Prairie plants are beautiful and it is possible to create a garden that has flowers throughout the summer. Some prairie plants flower throughout the whole summer while some bloom at different times providing a brilliant succession of flowers! Here are a couple of sales to keep on your calendar to pick up some natives for your garden!

Citizens for Conservation:

Citizens for Conservation in Lake Barrington is holding their annual Native Plant Sale May 7&8. While you can certainly pick up plants at the sale, I recommend pre-ordering to make sure you receive the desired plants. Pre-orders are due by April 15 and you can order online. This year, they are discounting milkweed. Score!

Spring Valley Nature Center:

Another local native plant sale is held at Spring Valley Nature Center. This sale will be held on
May 1 this year and will include the Backyards for Nature Fair. The Backyards for Nature Fair has various kids gardening activities along with the sale. Admission is free. Pre-ordering by April 15 is recommended. You can obtain the order form from the Schaumburg Garden Club. This particular sale also sells herbs and vegetables including heirlooms. You can obtain the order form for the herbs and vegetables from the Schaumburg Nature Club.

Happy Gardening!

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