Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Wednesday Weekend Windup {Bald Eagles, Winter Fun and More}

Bald eagle days Chicago suburbs

Hope everyone has been enjoying the snow! My dogs can't get enough of it. Looking for some fun this weekend? Here are my picks:

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Places to Snowshoe in the Chicago Suburbs

Snowshoeing  in the Chicago suburbs where you can rent snowshoes

A snow wonderland is here in Chicago! I love snowshoeing in our preserves. Just something about the stillness while hearing the crunching under your feet is calming. Good thing we have plenty of places in the Chicago suburbs to snowshoe! Here are some ideas! **When planning a snowshoeing adventure, remember to bring your driver's license because you may have to leave it while renting. Also, call ahead to verify availability.**

Sunday, January 14, 2018

All Chocolate Kitchen in Geneva, Illinois: Chocolate Heaven

All Chocolate Kitchen in Geneva, Illinois

We have found chocolate heaven at All Chocolate Kitchen! All Chocolate Kitchen located in Geneva, Illinois is the creation of renowned Pastry Chef Alain Roby. Chef Roby developed his culinary art in Paris and has won numerous accolades. He has been featured on numerous Food Network Shows, The Martha Stewart Show and The Learning Channel as well as many publications. Chef Roby even holds several Guinness Book of World Records titles including the longest candy cane.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Nada in Indianapolis

Enjoying Nada tacos in Indianapolis

Two times in the past year, we have stopped at Nada while on the road for tacos. The first time we visited the Cincinnati location and the most recent time we visited the Indianapolis location. We loved it both times!


Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Wednesday Weekend Windup {Wizard of Oz, Winterfests, Animal Tracks and More}

Eastern Screech Owl

Looking forward to the weekend? There are plenty of fun events to look forward to! This time of year, be sure to check on outdoor events before going.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

XOXO An Exhibit on Love and Forgiveness: New Exhibit at Arlington Heights Memorial Library

XOXO: An Exhibit on Love and Forgiveness image courtesy of Children's Museum of Pittsburgh
XOXO: An Exhibit on Love and Forgiveness image courtesy of Children's Museum of Pittsburgh
The exhibits at the Arlington Heights Memorial Library are a true treasure here in the Chicago suburbs. Whenever I know one is ending, I get excited about the unveiling of the next one! On January 20, Arlington Heights Memorial Library will be opening its new exhibit for this winter: XOXO: An Exhibit on Love and Forgiveness.


Monday, January 8, 2018

Elmhurst Art Museum

Elmhurst Art Museum in Elmhurst, Illinois

Last Friday, my husband and I took advantage of the Elmhurst Art Museum's Free First Fridays to explore the suburban museum's current exhibitions. On our visit, we were fortunate to enjoy the Hebru Brantley exhibit "Forced Field" towards the end of its run. "Forced Field" centered around Brantley's character Flyboy so it really spoke to children as well as adults.