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-About Melissa

Melissa's love for travel was sparked years ago on family trips throughout the East Coast and Midwest. Every long weekend or week off found the family in the car exploring many historic sites and nature preserves. During these trips, Melissa enjoyed visiting local artists, savoring an old fashioned peppermint stick from a mom-and-pop, walking in the footsteps of historic figures and soaking in the wonders that nature has created.

A Little Time and a Keyboard began in 2011 as a way to share hidden treasures in the Chicago suburbs as well as the Midwest focusing on local businesses, attractions and natural gems. Melissa's goal is to encourage families to explore and learn through experiencing all of these treasures as she did as a child. Through visiting local artists, small businesses and local attractions, travelers can get a really appreciation for the locale they are visiting.

On their family trips, Melissa and her 19-year-old daughter strive to really experience an area by visiting local businesses shed light onto what makes the area unique. We also search out items made in the area to bring a little piece of that place home with us. A Little Time and a Keyboard serves as a place to share these discoveries.

Pumpkin Fest Highwood

Join my family on our journeys as we explore nature, the arts, small businesses, local eateries, made in USA locations and unique family attractions throughout the Chicago suburbs and on trips throughout the Midwest and East Coast as well as other locations. If you know of a unique spot in the Chicago area, feel free to let me know. I love to check out unique spots discovered by my readers. My journey is about you and the incredible fabric that makes every place distinctive.

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Stemming from Melissa's knack for discovering and exposing unique small businesses and nature gems, she now manages social media outreach for a number of area small businesses and charities. Additionally, she hosts interviews introducing small businesses and local charities. If you are interested in learning about Melissa's process and network within the Chicago suburban community, please feel free to contact. Additionally, she occasionally provides training services.

To contact Melissa, please email melissaschwartz98@gmail.com.


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  1. I love your blog! I am moving to St. Joseph, and am so excited-- reading your awesome posts about the drug store, etc! Thanks for such great information!