A Little Time and a Keyboard: Need to Stretch Those Legs: Go To Crabtree!

Need to Stretch Those Legs: Go To Crabtree!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Throughout the years, we have passed by the Crabtree Nature Center, commenting at how beautiful the preserve looks, but never stopping to check it out.  With such wonderful weather this Fall, we decided it was time to take a hike through Crabtree's woods. 

The preserve is certainly picturesque.  There are several ponds on the grounds and the preserve is absolutely teeming with wildlife.  During our walks through the preserve, we have seen cranes, egrets, turtles, an otter, several types of butterflies, ducks, and, of course, Canadian geese!  Additionally, the preserve consists of different environments including wetlands, woodlands, and a prairie.  Therefore, the flora and flauna varies throughout the hike, adding to the beauty of your trek.

The Nature Center building has a plethora of information.  It houses exhibits for children and activity sheets for them to bring on their hikes.  My daughter had fun trying to locate different animals and plants for a scavenger hunt.  She also had a great time trying to identify leaves using a sheet from the Nature Center.

Along the path, there is a special section for children that provides them with more tools for exploring nature.  Children can learn how to estimate the age of a tree.  Additionally, they can learn about different types of nests and about the process of decomposition.  There is also a spider web that children love to climb on while learning about spiders!

The Nature Center has different types of walks and discussions throught the year.  For example, this season, the Nature Center is hosting a Fall Color Walk, a Waterfowl Walk, and an Animal Homes Walk.  So, for all of those nature-lovers out there, the Crabtree Nature Center is definitely a must-see destination!

We have now hiked Crabtree's trails twice.  Each time, we have made new discoveries and have found the walks to be beautiful, peaceful, and educational.    I am glad that we finally stopped at Crabtree and I look forward to going again!

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