A Little Time and a Keyboard: Parisian Mocha Flake

Parisian Mocha Flake

Thursday, October 13, 2011

I have been on the hunt for a "Parisian Mocha Flake" ever since I saw the "Got Chocolate Milk?" commercial I which the boy orders one from a European chocolatier,  After years of sampling confections from many a chocolatier, I have finally find one that satisfies my "refined" chocolate palate.  In fact, upon stumbling upon Anna Shea Chocolates and Lounge (http://www.annasheachocolates.com/), my husband and I took one look at the chocolate counter and looked at each other while both saying, "Parisian Mocha Flake!" 

Anna Shea has a wide variety of confections that are sure to tempt one and all.  Selections include fancy bonbons, refreshing gelato, decadent chocolate drinks, and "Cupcake Wars"-style cupcakes.  Additionally, you can loosen up with some wine or relax with tea or coffee and perhaps pair your beverage of choice with chocolate!  I usually stick with the bonbons which feature many interesting concoctions including bacon caramel, green tea ganache and margarita chocolate.  The flavors rotate so you never know what new delectable you will run across!

No Anna Shea experience is complete without taking a minute to view the sweet confections being made through a window in the lounge.  It is almost like providing any chocolate-lover with a window into their dreams!  Whenever we are at Anna Shea, a stop by the window is a must for our entire family.

Overall, I am totally in love with Anna Shea.  However, I have found a few flaws (I know—me finding a flaw is a shock!).  First, the peanut butter chocolate gelato is more like a chocolate gelato.   Being the peanut butter-loving fiend that I am, I did not really pick up on much peanut butter in the gelato.  Come on, Anna Shea, bring it on!  Also, while the lounge is usually busy when I am there, the staff appears to have difficulty handling a crowd.  The staff has always been nice and polite.  However, they seem easily overwhelmed.  Yet, I believe that the place really has heart and something unique to offer so waiting a little longer than I am used to is a small price to pay for the rewards! 

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