A Little Time and a Keyboard: Time for Pie

Time for Pie

Monday, October 31, 2011

Remember those pie pumpkins I got a couple weeks ago? This weekend, my husband and I made a pie (also flan and roasted pumpkin seeds0. Fellow blogger Mel S. and her husband will be the first to try it tonight.

The recipe can be found at www.pickyourown.org/pumpkinpie.php

While the pumpkin part alone was time consuming, we also made the piecrust from scratch - which seemed to add 5 hours to the process. I had a recipe (also at www.pickyourown.org/piecrust.php), but my husband wanted to try Alton Brown's version. He'd recorded the episode on TV, and we kind of cobbled the 2 recipes together, with frequent pausing to watch the DVR. The goal: a crust both flaky and tender - a tricky proposition.

My husband also draws on his mom's considerable pie crust making experience (she used lemon juice, Alton uses apple juice concentrate). His mom also used to own 6 different rolling pins - each had a separate purpose. Now THAT'S domesticity at its finest. She is in sharp contrast to my mom who, if she baked at all, it was straight out of a box mix. (She preferred to spend her days reading voraciously. I did pick up her love of reading). My own baking pursuits have been a bit dampened by the fact that my husband - with some exceptions - is not fond of sweets. However, we're both really looking forward to trying this pie: our labor of love.

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  1. The pie was delicious, Kat! You did an awesome job and used an awesome recipe!