A Little Time and a Keyboard: Crafty Saturday---Free Crafts at Lake Shore Learning Center

Crafty Saturday---Free Crafts at Lake Shore Learning Center

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Today, my daughter and I visited Lakeshore Learning Center to see what their free crafts on Saturdays are all about.  We have been to free crafting events at both JoAnn's and Michael's but never Lakeshore.  I have to say---I am really glad that we finally made it to Lakeshore!  I felt that the experience at Lakeshore was superior to JoAnn's and Michael's.  My daughter and I had a great experience and look forward to going back!

For those of you unfamiliar with Lakeshore Learning Center, the store sells teaching and art supplies geared towards the preschool and elementary school set.  The store supplies all sorts of workbooks, educational tools, educational games, children's books, manipulatives, and arts and crafts supplies.  The selection is quite impressive but can be pricey.

The quality of the craft provided by Lakeshore matched the quality of the products in the store.  Today's project was a Thanksgiving placemat.  Upon walking into the store, it was easy to locate the "crafting" area.  The store had a sizeable space set up for the craft---which has not been my experience at JoAnn's nor Michael's.  The children were greeted by an engaging craft leader who clearly enjoyed working with children.  She supplied all sorts of art supplies for the project----different types of markers, glitter glue, confetti glue, paint sticks, jewel stickers, foam stickers, apple cutouts, leaves and feathers.  I was really impressed with this selection.  The craft leader did a great job of helping the children and inspiring them to use all sorts of media in their creations.  The experience was relaxing and enjoyable.  We never once felt rushed to complete the project. 

Before we left, the craft leader supplied us with a list of all of the upcoming crafts.  Lakeshore provides these free crafts every Saturday from 11 AM to 3 PM.  With long winter days ahead, we will definitely be visiting Lakeshore again soon!  Check here for a list of Lakeshore's upcoming events.

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