A Little Time and a Keyboard: Easy Peasy, Have Some Cheesey

Easy Peasy, Have Some Cheesey

Thursday, November 17, 2011

My family has an easy go-to meal that we look forward to each week--our cheese platter.  I am not sure when we first decided to make our own cheese platter---we definitely had consumed our share of cheese platters at restaurants before realizing we should just make it on our own--but ever since, our excitement over creating a new platter has not run out of steam.

Each week, we choose three or four cheeses for our platter.  Some of them are old favorites and some are new cheeses to try.  Then, we cut a portion of each cheese to place on the platter.  To fill out the platter, we add a variety of fruits and nuts.  For example, this week, we added strawberries, cranberries, almonds, and sunflower seeds to our platter.  We intersperse the fruit and nuts throughout the platter to make it look "pretty."  To round out our meal, we have a fresh bread and some type of raw vegetable like carrots or broccoli (broccoli is one of the few vegetables my daughter will eat). 

This always makes for an easy, unique, fulfilling meal.  Since many people will find that they have many of these items in their kitchen already, it is also something that can easily be assembled in pinch!

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