A Little Time and a Keyboard: A Movie and, Eh, Well……..a Meal?

A Movie and, Eh, Well……..a Meal?

Monday, November 7, 2011

The face of Randhurst has really changed a lot in the last months including a new theater and new dining options.  Last week, Kat and I ventured out to try out the new AMC 12 at Randhurst and Tony Sacco’s Coal Oven Pizza.
Upon arriving at the theater, I immediately noticed an improvement over the old Randhurst—the addition of a parking deck!  I have been to a number of evening movies at Randhurst.  Almost every time, I was annoyed by the lack of parking near the theater (especially, the time I wisely decided to go to a movie on the coldest day of the year—urg!).   Thus, the new parking deck was much needed!
The new theater is great!  The foyer/entrance area is spacious and inviting.  The concessions area is easy to navigate and provides many options.  It is set up like a food court where you can choose from gourmet popcorn, ice cream, pizza, coffee concoctions, all sorts of other beverages, and,  of course, candy.  The candy selection particularly stood out to me.  Being the chocolate afficiendo that I am, I immediately noticed Godiva chocolate bars amongst the candy selection.  Godiva chocolate at a theater—tempting, very tempting indeed!  The seating in the theater is also impressive.  The seats are cushioned and larger than in your standard theater.   Additionally, there are several seating areas arranged around a table.  Perfect for those eating some pizza!  The one thing I am not quite sold on is the bar/lounge area of the theater.  I am not sure how many people come to the theater to sit and drink so I am interested to see if that area is utilized.
After the movie, we headed to Tony Sacco’s for lunch.  Not much to say about Tony Sacco’s.  The food was eh.  We both had the lunch special which included a personal pizza and salad.  The pizza was ok.  The crust was a little soggy for my taste.  The salads were gargantuan!   However, again, they were nothing special.    Will I go back?  Most likely, not.
So, that is a yea for the theater and a nay for Tony Sacco’s.  Still, I am glad that Randhurst has a nice, new theater and more dining options thereby making it an enjoyable destination with or without the kids!

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