A Little Time and a Keyboard: A Few After Christmas Finds

A Few After Christmas Finds

Monday, December 26, 2011

I don't know about you, but I am still exhausted from last weekend's festivities.  However, my daughter and I were still able to get out to get some deals today.   She has gone shopping with me after holidays enough to know what bargains to look for after a holiday.  At 6, she already is an experienced bargain hunter!  Here are our best finds:

We found the picture album at Target for $2.98.  You can change the letter in the album.  Also, the album holds 104 pictures.  I am in desperate need of picture albums, so this was a great find!  We found the holiday cards at Target as well.  The package contains 16 cards.  I found it in the dollar section.  All of the holiday items in the dollar sections were marked 50% off.  So, I got the cards for $.50.

I found the Christmas bulb kit at Michael's.  It is a bulb that kids can fill with sand (the sand is included).  At $.30, this craft will be nice to have around for next Christmas!  I also found the sports ornaments at Michael's.  At $.75, I picked up a couple for my nephews.

I am pretty happy with our finds.  We did not do major shopping today, just targeted shopping.  So, we were able to enjoy our bargain hunting together!


  1. First time here via Welcome Wednesday Blog hop& happy to follow you. Hope to see you in my blog. I am also hosting a linky party.Pl join where possible.
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  2. good for you! fun to get a bargain!

  3. These are great finds! I also bought the album at Target -it's a great gift for friends too. I'm a new follower from CrazyNutsMom's hop and look forward to your future posts.