A Little Time and a Keyboard: Some Tapas for You, Some Tapas for Me

Some Tapas for You, Some Tapas for Me

Saturday, December 3, 2011

My husband and I were first introduced to the concept of tapas while sampling the dining scene of Arlington Heights.  From the first time we entered La Tasca, we were in love.  The restaurant's atmosphere is warm and cozy as well as inviting.  It is really somewhere where you would like to stay awhile.  Plus, the idea of trying many small dishes instead of just ordering one main dish is a fun concept.  We really love to try all sorts of food so this is a great place to do it!

We have brought our daughter here before, however, the experience is much more enjoyable sans children.  While she is great at restaurants, she really is not an asset when you are somewhere that you would like to linger.  Since my husband like to try a variety of tapas and spread them out instead of ordering them all at once, this is one restaurant that we definitely like to go to without a child in tow.

A few nights ago, we happened to score a last minute babysitter.  Since we already had a Groupon for La Tasca (yes, they do have Groupons from time to time), we decided it was time to capitalize on the deal!

The night we went out happened to be very rainy and cold.  After getting a little drenched on the way to the restaurant, the warm, candlelit atmosphere was very welcome!  We began the evening by ordering our imbibements---un vino tinto for me and una sangria for my husband.  Then, we ordered a Spanish cheese and dried meat plate--one of our favorites.  After, we ordered patatas bravas which is a dish of fried potatoes with a cayenne pepper sauce.  They are to die for!  Next, I ordered the gambas al ajillo (shrimp in a garlic wine sauce) and my husband ordered the empanada el carne.  To finish, we ordered the delicias de chocolate  which was very rich and almost like eating frosting.  We enjoyed everything that we ate and having the time to actually really savor it.

Besides having great food, La Tasca also has live music the first Thursday and third Friday every month.  I really recommend it for a date night location.  If you are not in our area, definitely check out the tapas restaurants in your local.


  1. Love your blog since it seems we are from the same area. My husband and I tried this restaurant before and we loved it! I especially was a fan of the flan. Best I have ever had.

  2. Yes, it is a great restaurant! I heard there is another tapas place in Arlington Heights now called La Roca. We are going to have to try that and compare!