A Little Time and a Keyboard: Spreading the Holiday Message at the Local Animal Shelter

Spreading the Holiday Message at the Local Animal Shelter

Sunday, December 11, 2011

If you are looking for a way to spread the holiday message, why not donate to your local animal shelter?  A few Christmases ago, we thought that it was time to teach our daughter that the holidays are not really about receiving gifts, so we decided to begin donating to our local shelter, The Buddy Foundation.   We engaged our daughter in every aspect of the project--from choosing the items to donate to bringing them to the shelter.  Ever since, she has been very motivated to give to the dogs and cats with no mommies."  

So, what started as a holiday project, has become a year long event.  Throughout the year, we collect items for the animal shelter through couponing.  Honestly, this has become almost a game for us as we are able to get many items for free or at an extremely low cost.  Now, we are up to donating about three times a year.  Each time we are at The Buddy Foundation is special because we get to see many of the animals that we are helping.  We even were allowed to play with the puppies on one occasion!  We have been having a great time making an impact on our community while engaging in family bonding time!

There are  many ways that you can help your local shelter.  You can donate items from the shelter's wish list or even gift them a PetSmart or Petco giftcard.  You can also attend shelter events.  Our particular shelter has Santa pictures for a small donation a couple of weekends in December.   If you want to make more of a commitment, you can volunteer.  There is more to volunteering than cleaning cages---you may also be able to engage in activities such as walking dogs, sitting with the cats, collating newsletters, folding laundry, and representing the shelter at events.  There are many opportunities!  And, of course, you can adopt or foster a pet!  The shelters are very grateful for anything donated, so they will appreciate anything you give!

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