A Little Time and a Keyboard: Beer Sampling at Bauer's Brauhaus in Palatine

Beer Sampling at Bauer's Brauhaus in Palatine

Friday, January 13, 2012

Ever the Groupon junkies, my husband and I purchased a Groupon for two beer flights and two appetizers at Bauer's Brauhaus in Palatine. We had been holding on to this deal for months as we never seemed to have an evening free to head over for a beer tasting. Last week, we finally decided to take advantage of our deal.

After purchasing my Groupon, but before cashing it in, I decided to do some poking around on the internet looking for some reviews of the Brauhaus. The reviews were mixed, so I did not know quite what to expect. Additionally, I could not find a website for Bauer's itself, thus adding to my nervousness. When I first entered the Brauhaus, I had a little trepidation. It seemed to be a little dark inside and lacked a bit in decor---but it is bar, after all.

Upon entering, we were immediately greeted and seated. The server was very friendly and explained the details of our deal well. Along with our beer flights, we chose to try their potato pancakes and Bavarian pretzel. The beer arrived quickly. We each received six generous pours with a coordinating list. What I love about flights is that you can sample a lot of new things and usually, you will find something you like. My husband and I both enjoyed a few of the beers from our sampling. Shortly after receiving the beer, we were served our appetizers. The potato pancakes had a good flavor---not outstanding, but definitely something safe to order. The pretzel was great! It was airy, not dense. It also came with two mustards and a pub cheese. I enjoyed the Bavarian mustard that it was served with. Later in the evening, we learned that the pretzels are from Germany--a nice touch! After the appetizers, we were still a little hungry, so we ordered the spaetzle. Bauer's serves its spaetzle with some broth and mushrooms on top. We both loved the spaetzle---even though my husband, a fungiphobe, had to remove the mushrooms from his portion.

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My husband and I both found Bauer's to be a solid place to relax and enjoy some appetizers and beer. While it is kid-friendly, we enjoyed going without our daughter, since it allowed us time to truly sample the beer, instead of chugging it in a hurry to leave. When we go back, we will most likely try some of their dinner items---and have a beer flight, of course!

If you would like to go, Bauer's is located at 45 W Slade St in Palatine.

**Disclaimer: Opinions in this post are purely my own. I did not receive any compensation for this review.


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