A Little Time and a Keyboard: The Nectar of Oden: the Noi Sirius 70% Cacao Chocolate Bar

The Nectar of Oden: the Noi Sirius 70% Cacao Chocolate Bar

Friday, January 27, 2012

My husband and I have been discussing visiting Iceland for some time now.  So, when I stumbled upon a chocolate bar from Iceland, I had to try it out.  At the time, I was trying it as a novelty.  What I didn't realize was that this chocolate bar was actually going to become my favorite chocolate bar.

The chocolate actually comes in the form of two bars wrapped in an unassuming piece of wax paper.   Upon opening the bars, you immediately smell the rich aroma of the chocolate.  Whenever I take a moment to smell the chocolate, I pick up the aroma of berries along with that of the chocolate.  The chocolate is surprisingly smooth and creamy for such a high cacao count.  Since it is so rich, you are satisfied after eating a small piece--perfect for someone wanting to indulge without the guilt.  Each bar is full of small little pieces, making it even easier to break off just a little bit to indulge one's chocolate habit.

The Noi Sirius company is a small company, so its chocolate bars are not easy to come by in the US.  I have personally only seen them at Whole Foods Market.  Whole Foods Market carries several Noi Sirius bars with varying cacao percentages.  However, they are frequently out of the 70% bars (at least in our area).  So, I definitely have to grab at least one whenever I find one at Whole Foods.  At $4 for two bars of awesome chocolate, I definitely can always find a way to splurge!

I have run across several recipes using this chocolate online.  I have not tried baking with it myself.  The bars never last around the long enough to make it into any of my concoctions!   To me, the chocolate is so perfect on its own, I can't imagine using it in a recipe myself!


  1. i am from Hershey so I am skeptical of all chocolate..but would always be open to trying some!!

  2. Wow, what a mouth watering post! Yum. Stopping by from Melomomma.