A Little Time and a Keyboard: Quincrafts Learn To Sew Kit (Review)

Quincrafts Learn To Sew Kit (Review)

Monday, January 23, 2012

Whenever we go to Joann's, my daughter is always on the prowl for new crafts.  She inevitably picks out something to do with paint almost every time.  While I do not mind her painting, I am not always in the mood to deal with the mishaps that may happen.  So, lately, I have been trying to steer her towards sewing.  On a recent trip, we picked up a Learn to Sew Kit by Quincrafts for her to start out with. 

We completed our first sewing endeavor this weekend.  I was pretty happy with the sewing kit for our first experience.  Even though I lost the instructions somehow (they miraculously showed up after we were pretty much finished with the project),  I was able to easily show my daughter how to sew using the materials provided.  After about an hour of work, my daughter emerged with two completed projects---a stuffed flower and a stuffed bunny. 

The needle  included with kit is the perfect size for a beginner.
This sewing kit really was a great way to begin sewing.  My daughter did have to work out some minor sewing issues to complete the project.  However, she did not have so many problems that she got frustrated.  Having to work at it a little bit is part of the learning process.  I think that this project required the right amount of my daughter's critical thinking skills without turning her off to sewing.  I most likely will choose a similar kit for my daughter's second project.
**Disclaimer: All opinions in this review are mine. I received not compensation for this review.

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