A Little Time and a Keyboard: Stock Your Car for Winter Travel

Stock Your Car for Winter Travel

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A few years ago, I totally got spanked by winter weather when a drive that normally takes 35-40 minutes turned into a 2-2.5 hour drive.  Of course, I was making the drive at night with a young child in the car.  Ever since then, I have made sure to carry some extra items in my car because you never know.......

Items that I always bring with me:

Ice Scraper
Car Emergency Kit (with jumper cables, working flashlight, first aid kit, etc.)
Extra Blankets
Extra Change of Warm Clothing
Snacks--usually granola bars
Water---(I pretty much bring water everywhere I go.  Unfortunately, you can't just leave it in the car!)
Cat Litter (or sand)

When travelling in the winter, I pay careful attention to how much gas I have and the charge on my cell phone.  If I know bad weather is coming and I am travelling, I try to keep my tank full (just in case I get stuck).

I know that this post is a little different that we usually post here, but winter weather is on my mind so I thought that I would share.  Please share any other tips you have for preparing for car travel in the winter.

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