A Little Time and a Keyboard: Pop a Treat in your Mouth at Pop O Licious

Pop a Treat in your Mouth at Pop O Licious

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pop O Licious is a new gourmet popcorn shop that has opened in downtown Arlington Heights.  The family owned business has a flavor of popcorn to tempt anyone.  My daughter and I stopped in the shop last week to see the new addition to downtown.  The shop is pleasantly set up and the popcorn is displayed so that you can easily see all of the different flavors offered.

Speaking of flavors---Pop O Licious has an amazing amount of flavors--many that I would never have thought of.  The friendly staff will let you sample flavors before buying.  My daughter tried Frutty Tutti and absolutely loved it!  I tried 3 Mile Island, which is like a hot cheddar, and found it oddly addicting.  The popcorn was very fresh--light and fluffy.  When I say there are flavors for everyone, I mean it!  Some of their flavors include blue raspberry, garlic parmesan, lemon, cajun, barbecue, creamy dill, cinnamon, green apple, hot cinnamon, cheddar, caramel, chocolate drizzle, and various combinations.  There are so many flavors that I can't possibly list them all!  It took us a long time to narrow down which ones we wanted for a special snack.  We left with blue raspberry and cheddar--delicious!  We were also given a sample of their cheddar and caramel mix to bring home.  I especially liked the caramel--it had a real nice, buttery, caramel flavor.

Besides popcorn, the shop also sells cookies.  When you enter the shop, you will probably notice various popcorn cans and helium balloons.  The store is well equipped to put together gifts.  Pop O Licious is a unique addition to our downtown scene.  While I don't eat popcorn often, I probably will need to stop in to nab some more of the caramel popcorn and give the chocolate drizzle a try!