A Little Time and a Keyboard: Spring into Easter with a Cute Bunny Craft

Spring into Easter with a Cute Bunny Craft

Friday, March 30, 2012

As you probably have already figured out, my daughter is a craft maniac!  While visiting her cousin, we did craft upon craft upon craft.  I designed a little bunny craft that the junior crafters absolutely loved!

For the craft, you will need white construction paper, a toilet paper roll, a cotton ball, glue, scissors, and markers.

Before the kids got involved, I drew the parts of the bunny on the construction paper: the head, body, two ears, and two feet.  I cut the pieces out just to avoid frustration.  I also wrapped the toilet paper roll with the white paper and glued it into place.

Then, I had the kids draw their own faces on the bunny heads.  Also, they colored in the ears and little pads on the feet.  Next, they glued the pieces into place.  I put a little bit of glue in a dish and had them use q-tips to apply the glue to make less mess.  Lastly and most importantly, the kids glued on cotton tails!

I love crafts like this one because it really adds an opportunity to add their own flair.  Kids can add little scarfs or maybe flowers or colored eggs to their bunny if they like.  My little ones were content with their creations but there is room to add more to the craft!

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