A Little Time and a Keyboard: Twin Lakes--Triple the Playground Fun

Twin Lakes--Triple the Playground Fun

Friday, March 23, 2012

Being almost 7, my daughter definitely has had her share of experience with playgrounds in the 'burbs.  By now, she has her list of faves.  One of her favorites--or should I say three--happens to be at Twin Lakes Golf Course and Recreational Center in Palatine.

Twin Lakes has three playgrounds set up against one of the lakes.  With three different play sets, there is something of appeal to most age groups.  My daughter could probably play there for hours! There are benches and picnic tables available, so mom and dad can rest while watching the kids.  With the beautiful location, the area is ideal for a picnic.  There is a nice walking path, so my husband and I usually like to combine a hike with an outing to the park (with my little one in toe, of course!).

Here are some pictures of the playgrounds:

We found the playgrounds a couple of years ago when searching for a location to view fireworks from Arlington Park.  It turned out to be a good location to watch the fireworks.  First, we were not packed tightly together, like at Arlington Park itself.  Second, there was ample room for our daughter to run around while waiting for the show.  And, on top of it, the location is more scenic!  We could see the show well and could have brought a picnic dinner along if we had thought about it!  The only downside--and it is minor--is that the only restrooms are at the clubhouse which is a little walk from the playgrounds.

There is a lot to explore at Twin Lakes besides the playgrounds.  There is golf, volleyball, fishing, and boating.  There is a restaurant at the clubhouse with a full menu available during warm months.  (Check the website for hours and availability.)  Additionally, the recreational area hosts musical entertainment on Fridays starting in June!  We will definitely be checking that out in the summer!


  1. That looks like a nice playground. I don't know of any nice playground around my area so for now, I send the kiddo to play gyms. By the way, dropping by from finding new friends hop.

  2. Funny I was looking for somewhere to take my kids before an appointment near Rand and 53. This will be perfect, thanks.

  3. Glad that it helped you out! I know how hard it is to fill some of that dead time with the little ones!