A Little Time and a Keyboard: Yummy craft--Dylan's Candy Bar Color-A-Cookie

Yummy craft--Dylan's Candy Bar Color-A-Cookie

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My daughter was given a Dylan's Candy Bar Color-A-Cookie as a gift. While visiting one of her cousins, I thought that it was the ideal time to pull the kit out for some cookie decorating fun!

The kit comes with four frosted cookies.  (That's right--the cookies are ready to go!)  The cookies are divided into two sealed packages of two, so you do not have to make them all at the same time.  The kit also comes with four flavored food coloring pens--red, yellow, pink, and blue. Their flavors are bubble gum, banana, tutti frutti, and strawberry.

When I opened up the box, the kids were immediately excited about coloring on their cookies.  I was actually a little worried that they would not like the craft because it is pretty simple.  However, they had a blast!  They liked comparing their creations as they were coloring.  The anticipation of eating the sweet treats did not overwhelm them enough to spoil the fun in coloring.  They took their time and colored in the lines, making their works of art.

The project was a nice and easy treat.  Both kids give their stamps of approval and can't wait to color the second round of cookies!

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