A Little Time and a Keyboard: Elk Pasture in Busse Woods: a Place for a Quick Recharge

Elk Pasture in Busse Woods: a Place for a Quick Recharge

Saturday, April 28, 2012

There are many hidden treasures within the Forest Preserve District of Cook County. I remember when I first moved to the Chicagoland area, I was totally amazed by the number of preserves in the area!

This week, we felt the need to stretch our legs and wandered out to the Elk Pasture in the Busse Woods in Elk Grove Village. You can enter the preserve from Arlington Heights Road between Algonquin Road and East Higgins Road.

The preserve has its own elk herd that you can see while walking the trails in this section of the Busse Woods. My daughter loves to walk this trail and see what the elk are up to. The other day, the temperature was pretty mild and there was a slight drizzle, so the elk were having a good time out grazing. We have been to the preserve several times in the summer and usually find the herd resting in the trees out of the heat of the sun.

Besides the elk, the trail itself is quiet picturesque. The preserve is literally across the street from a car dealership but once you are on the trail, you would hardly know. I found our walk this week to be very peaceful. It was a great way to recharge!

Also, the preserve is a wonderful place to see planes coming into O'Hare. There is a foot bridge spanning Higgins Road. You can get some good views of the planes from there.

Another plus--restrooms are easily accessible at the head of the trail. It is nice to know where they are before you start on a journey!

One thing to be aware of--the preserve is quite popular when it is warm and attracts a lot of bike traffic. Sometimes, that can make it a little difficult to walk the trail with little ones.

If you are looking for a place to recharge, the Elk Pasture definitely fits the bill!

For a map of the area, check here.

Can you believe that the pictures above where taken across the street from this?

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