A Little Time and a Keyboard: Some Serenity: Asha Spa

Some Serenity: Asha Spa

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Yesterday, it was finally time to break out a gift certificate that my husband had given to me ages ago. And, I do think it was ages ago because I think that I have been holding on to this bad boy for a year and a half. Now, I have been to the spa during that time. However, this particular certificate was for a pedicure. I am not a big fan of pedicures, so I have been delaying using it. My husband actually had bought this certificate in error and had meant to purchase one for a facial, which I totally love!

So, yesterday morning, I headed to Asha Spa and Salon in Schaumburg for some pampering. I have had facials there several times and really loved them! When you enter the spa area, you are immediately able to relax. The lighting is just right and the music is soothing. While you wait, you can have tea, lemon water, or cucumber water. I find each to be something soothing to sip on while relaxing. Their mint tea especially puts me in a calm, relaxed mode.

The facials at Asha are particularly relaxing. I almost fall asleep every time! You start your facial with a foot bath, which I think is a nice touch. Then, you choose an essential oil that is relaxing to you. The oil will be used throughout the facial. The use of massage, masques, warm, and cold are just right and enough to transport you away from the world for a bit while clarifying your skin. The treatments left my skin totally refreshed! After my facial, I headed over for my pedicure.

Overall, I thought that the pedicure was nice, but I am not a pedicure fan and still am not. I do like some of the techniques used to massage and sooth your feet. However, some of the positions that I had to put my feet in have left my ankles sore. When I left the spa, I was told that the pedicures at Asha have something special. I have had a pedicure before and it did not seem any different. I would have liked the chair and foot bath to be in a more serene location. The location was not too bad, you were away from the hubbub of the salon. However, the last place I had a pedicure, the pedicures where done in the spa, so you still benefited from the relaxed, spa atmosphere.

When I left Asha, I was pretty relaxed and already looking forward to my next facial. I have been to three other spas in the area and like Asha the best for facials. Before I left, I picked up a product that was recommended to me. Another thing I love about Asha is that they use Aveda products which are not animal tested! I am excited to try this product out!

If you decide to give Asha a go, I recommend signing up for their emails. They do send some really good deals throughout the year.

***Disclosure:  I did not receive any compensation for this post.  The opinions expressed are 100% my own.

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