A Little Time and a Keyboard: Wholesale Star Wars Costumes - Review

Wholesale Star Wars Costumes - Review

Monday, April 30, 2012

Recently, we had the opportunity to review a costume from Wholesale Star Wars Costumes and were really happy with the entire experience! As I perused the selection of costumes to find one for my daughter, I noticed that there were many options for reasonable prices. Besides costumes, there also are all sorts of fun accessories like blasters and light sabers. There even is a Darth Vader breathing device. Cool!

I inevitably settled on the Princess Leia costume for me daughter.  I know, what a shock!

The costume arrived quickly. My daughter was very excited and could not wait to open the package! Even though she has yet to see Star Wars, my daughter immediately recognized the costume as a Princess Leia costume and wanted to put it on right away.

I did choose a Medium for my daughter, which is a size 8-10. She has just started wearing size 8 tops, so it was a little big. However, she plans on wearing it for Halloween, so it will probably fit perfectly by then!

The costume came with a dress, belt, and a wig. The wig was wrapped in a netting, so it did not arrive all tangled up. I do have to tell you--I paid almost the same price as this costume for only a wig last year. I was pretty impressed!

The costume is made out of a thicker material--not too thick, but thick enough that my daughter will not be freezing on Halloween. Also, it is roomy enough that you can easily fit layers under it. A costume that won't be obstructed by a jacket--nice!

About a month ago, George Lucas said that there wouldn't be any more Star Wars movies. It is hard to believe when I see how excited even kids like my daughter are about Star Wars. She absolutely loves the costume and can't wait to see the movies! I guess will have to act out their own Star Wars adventures wearing costumes from Wholesale Star Wars Costumes!

Giving you a one, two in our new costume!

**Disclosure: I received the costume for review purposes. I did not receive monetary compensation. All opinions are 100% my own.

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