A Little Time and a Keyboard: Park Fun at the Village Green in Northbrook

Park Fun at the Village Green in Northbrook

Monday, May 14, 2012

There are a ton of great parks all over the Northern suburbs. This makes the area great if you want to change things up! One park that my daughter absolutely loves is the Village Green in Northbrook.

The Village of Green has three different playsets designed for different age groups. What I really like about the set up is that the playset for the toddlers is in a little alcove. Thus, it is separated a little from the playsets for the older children. There also are swings, a sandbox area, and fields for the kids to run in. A nice walking path cuts through the park and a baseball field is the site of lively games. Restrooms are accessible in a park building--another nice plus!

Across the street from the park, there is Little Louie's, a great hot dog joint. Also, you can satiate your sweet tooth at Yogen Fruz or Baskin Robbins.  Sometimes it is nice to grab a snack and eat it in the park!

The Village Green is located at the corner of Meadow and Shermer Roads in Northbrook if you feel like giving it a try!

The toddler's playset, tucked away from the fray


  1. Found you on the MMM Hop!

    That baby swing is so cute! Both of the parks by my house have NO baby swings, which makes no sense since I'm in Utah.

    Look forward to following!

  2. I grew up in Northbrook and have been to the Village Green a million times. Great place!