A Little Time and a Keyboard: Yogurtland for a Hot Summer Day

Yogurtland for a Hot Summer Day

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Last weekend was sooooo hot that I had to keep checking my calendar to make sure that it was still May. Yogurtland is a new addition to downtown Arlington Heights. We thought that the heat wave gave us the perfect excuse to try it out.

Yogurtland is one of those self-serve frozen yogurt places that are all the rage right now. However, I think that they had the largest selection of self-serve flavors that I have seen---12. The shop was very busy when we entered, however we were able to make it through the line quickly.

What I love about places like Yogurtland is that you control how much frozen yogurt you are served. I am always watching how many sweets I eat.  Since I usually only eat a little, this place is perfect!

Once you have your frozen yogurt, you can go to the fixings bar to add your favorite toppings. Yogurtland has a number of fresh fruit, candy, and nut options. I love to add some fresh fruit, so I feel a little better about indulging!  The fruit was definitely fresh (we saw them wheeling in tons of it!) and did not have a syrupy-sugary mess added to it. Of course, you can also indulge your sweet tooth further by adding more chocolate or sugary options.The main downfall that I found with the fixings bar is that when the store is crowded, everything seems to really come to a head there. I like to look things over, but when you have a ton of people breathing down your neck, it is hard. (Not that they were being rude, the place was just super busy!)

You can see by my pictures that Yogurtland has a ton of options! Once you have assembled your treat, your treat is weighed and you pay by weight. We paid less than $8 for all three of ours--which I think is great considering we are in Chicagoland!

We all enjoyed our frozen yogurt and will go back. The popular flavor of the day seemed to be lychee. I tried it and found it to be good, yet a little tart. I also tried the raspberry, which I loved!!!

Today, I did some looking around Yogurtland's website and found some things that I like. First of all, not only does Yogurtland publish its nutritional information, but it also provides a listing of ingredients for its flavors. This is helpful if you are on a special diet or trying to choose the healthiest option! Also, they have a fan club. Being the thrifty momma that I am, I signed up!

Yogurtland does have stores across the country, so give it a try if you like frozen yogurt! The Yogurtland in Arlington Heights is at 76 S Arlington Heights Rd. There is also one in Wheeling at 1568 W. Lake Cook Rd.

***Disclosure: I did not receive any compensation for this post. The opinions expressed are 100% my own.

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