A Little Time and a Keyboard: Aqua Globe: an Infomercial Product that Works

Aqua Globe: an Infomercial Product that Works

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Normally, I steer away from infomercial products (except for the topsy turvy). But, some of them actually work well. One product that works well happens to be the Aqua Globe.

I absolutely love my Aqua Globes! We actually bought a set years ago for my daughter because she was obsessed with the commercial. We tried them out and found them to be a great way to water plants. They are an awesome way to keep plants watered while out of town. Also, I love to use one with plants that I somehow always for get to water.

I did learn, though, that you need to be careful when using Aqua Globes. If you do not make the hole for the globe first, you will fill the tip with soil. This clogs the globe and water will not come out. I also make sure that my globe is working before leaving it unattended. Otherwise, you will come home to a full globe and dry plant!

Thanks to my daughter for following under the spell of Aqua Globes!

**The opinions in this post are 100% mine. I did not receive any compensation for this post.

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