A Little Time and a Keyboard: Excuse Me, Do You Have Any Milk?

Excuse Me, Do You Have Any Milk?

Monday, June 4, 2012

Last night, my daughter asked for a glass of milk. Since she is able to get milk on her own, I told her to go ahead and pour herself a glass.

It seemed like it was taking her awhile to get a glass of milk, so I went into the kitchen to check on her. Immediately, I noticed that her little blue Ikea cup was filled to the brim. She must have seen the alarm in my face because she looked up, all wide-eyed, and said, "The milk expires today."

I asked her if she was trying to drink it all because of the expiration date. She nodded sheepishly. I chuckled and explained to her that she did not need to finish all of the milk and that, most likely, the milk would still be ok the next day.

Thinking about this has made me laugh all day. However, I am also wondering why she was concerned about wasting the milk when she has no qualms about staying in the shower for nearly half an hour? The minds of kids!
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  1. Aw- what a sweetie- she didnt want to waste milk! What a cutie!! And you are so right with the minds of kids! Happy weekend:)

  2. I think she is me. I have worried about expiration dates since I first learned what they were and I know I would have done that same thing. I amaze myself these days when I look at the expiration date, SMELL the milk and decide it's not bad 5-7 days after the expiration and then actually drink it! When I was her age, nothing could convince me that if I drank milk past the expiration date I would still live.

  3. haha that is so sweet of her! Kudos to you for drinking after the expiration date. I have the weird thing about not touching anything after it expires. Just a lil "weirdness" I guess :) BTW, stopping by from Chasing Joy's FBF!

  4. LOl This is funny. This shows that she is not wasteful by nature. She probably cannot see the connection between the long showers and waste, while seeing the milk be thrown away is very obvious.

  5. Kids are so funny! I am new to your blog but can't wait to read more. I grew up in Springfield, IL and now live in Missouri. My husband and I make a point to take the train north for our anniversary every year and just returned from Chicago! I can't wait to get more tips about stuff to do :) Following from www.Littlesakofbeans.blogspot.com :)