A Little Time and a Keyboard: Foam Football Beer Bottle Holder: Our Father's Day Craft

Foam Football Beer Bottle Holder: Our Father's Day Craft

Monday, June 11, 2012

This Father's Day, we decided to combine my husband's two loves---beer and football---into a craft. So, my daughter and I made a football-inspired, foam beer bottle holder for him.

This project did not require many materials. However, it did keep my daughter engaged for quite a bit of time.

Materials needed:

Brown Craft Foam
White String
Hole Punch (1/8 in)
White Paint
Paint Brush
Needle (a plastic one I nabbed from one of my daughter's sewing kits for beginners)

The first thing that I did was grab a beer bottle to use as my guide (honestly, I didn't open it!). I measured out an appropriate length and width of the foam to fit around the bottle. Then, I cut an appropriately-sized circle of foam to fit in the bottom.

Once I had the pieces measured out, I marked corresponding locations for holes so that we could sew the holder closed. I also marked locations for holes to attach the bottom. My daughter was able to punch most of the holes out with the hole puncher.

Next, she sewed up the holder. (I had to help with tying knots and tightening up spots where the string was a little loose.) Then, she painted lines on the holder. I had instructed her to paint one line at the top and one at the bottom to make the holder look more like a football. But, as you can see, she loved painting stripes on the holder!

My daughter is very excited to give this to her Dad on Father's Day--complete with a cold beer of course!

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