A Little Time and a Keyboard: Fun at Barnes & Noble's Lego Building Event

Fun at Barnes & Noble's Lego Building Event

Thursday, June 21, 2012

My daughter and I were able to attend a Lego Building Event yesterday and had a fun time! There was a little more to the event than I was expecting!

The children could choose between two sets for building--Harry Potter's lab and a lemonade stand. My daughter initially picked Harry Potter's lab. However, since there were fewer kids than the store was expecting, all of the kids attending got to make and keep both sets!

In addition to constructing the lemonade stand and lab, the kids each had to write a little story about the sets. I thought that the story was a nice touch that added to the activity. The kids were invited to share their stories. My daughter was the only one to do so! Too funny!

Barnes & Noble also provided a little liquid refreshment for the participants. Each child received their own mini cup of frozen lemonade. A cheer from the crowd erupted when the lemonade was brought out!

Next month, Barnes & Noble will have a Leapster event. The store we went to did not know what the event would entail. After this event, we will definitely be looking forward to it!

(By the way, my daughter is playing with her new Legos as we speak!  Thank you Lego and Barnes & Noble!)

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