A Little Time and a Keyboard: Simple Sugar Scrub for a Spa Day!

Simple Sugar Scrub for a Spa Day!

Friday, June 22, 2012

My daughter and I like to do special things together when we have a day off. She read about a mom-daughter spa day at home and was very excited to do it. (We have done things like this in the past, usually involving back massages. You know--about 30 seconds for mine and 10 minutes for hers.)

We whipped up an easy sugar scrub this morning and pampered ourselves a little. With my daughter's attention span of about two seconds, we only successfully executed the sugar scrub. She was ready to move on before we could create any other spa treatments! In a few years, I am sure she will understand the importance of a little pampering!

Our recipe:

3 Tbsp granulated sugar
2 Tbsp baby oil
2-3 drops lavender

We mixed the ingredients in a small bowl. Then, we wet our hands and put a little of the scrub into our hands. We rubbed our scrub into our hands and rinsed our hands off in warm water. Next, we patted our hands dry and applied a lavender moisturizer. A nice little treat!

Our materials.
The finished scrub.

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