A Little Time and a Keyboard: Adventure to the Blue Lagoon

Adventure to the Blue Lagoon

Monday, July 23, 2012

A definite must for all travelers to Iceland is a visit to the Blue Lagoon. The warm waters of the Blue Lagoon are very welcome to travel-worn bodies. Spa services can further add to the experience. The Blue Lagoon's proximity to the airport in Keflavik make it perfect for those with long layovers.

The Blue Lagoon is a geothermal spa with mineral rich water that is 98-102 degrees Fahrenheit. After a day of touring Iceland, we definitely felt the call to take a dip in this wonder!

While in the Lagoon, you are surrounded by the mountains and lava rocks of the Reykjanes Peninsula's landscape. It was surreal to walk out to the Blue Lagoon in 50 degree weather in our bathing suits only to be sufficiently warmed by the therapeutic waters. The warm waters were definitely what our weary bodies needed! As we walked through the Blue Lagoon, we found patches of different temperatures. There were spots where each of us stood near each other yet in patches of different temperatures--cool! You can have tasty beverages while in the Blue Lagoon, so we shared a strawberry skyr smoothie. Yum!

The Blue Lagoon also has a quick service restaurant, a cafeteria and a nice, sit-down restaurant. We were able to get a pretty healthy meal at the quick service restaurant. I was really worried about getting enough veggies while we were on our journey--however, the Blue Lagoon restaurant provided us with a good selection!

Around the Blue Lagoon, there are hiking trails. After enjoying the water, we spent some time enjoying the beautiful scenery around the Lagoon. I could have walked the gorgeous surroundings for hours!

One thing to be aware of while visiting the Blue Lagoon---the minerals in the water may stay in your hair for a couple of days. My daughter had crusty hair for a few days---it was not fun to wash!

That being said, we loved the Blue Lagoon and enjoyed the ability to relax in such a beautiful setting!

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