A Little Time and a Keyboard: Fantasy Olympics: Our Version

Fantasy Olympics: Our Version

Saturday, July 28, 2012

In an effort to add a little uniqueness to our Olympic experience over the next two weeks, my family has put together their own "fantasy" Olympic teams. We each chose five countries to follow over the next couple of weeks. We will be tracking their performance in the games, learning about their athletes, and learning about the sports they are competing in. To make things fair, we excluded countries that have high medal counts (USA, Germany, China, etc.). France did slip through to my daughter's team, so I think that she has a bit of an advantage!  :)

For our "Fantasy Olympics," we printed out the flag of each of our nations and put them on a dry erase board alongside their country abbreviations. We made columns for the medals so that we can keep track of our medal counts. By using our dry erase board, we can easily update our totals.

We are having fun learning about the sports our countries are competing in and cheering for them. During the next couple of weeks, I also plan on incorporating activities to help us learn more about these countries. This activity is a real easy way to add some more fun to the Olympics!

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