A Little Time and a Keyboard: Website Wednesday: What's Good at Trader Joe's?

Website Wednesday: What's Good at Trader Joe's?

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

As you can tell, we totally love Trader Joe's! Sometimes, I do not know how I would ever be able to eat without a Trader Joe's nearby. So many of my weekly staples like fat-free yogurt, tabbouleh salad, black bean taquitos, and salsa come from there. Recently, I found a blog that reviews items found at Trader Joe's called What's Good at Trader Joe's?. If you are looking for a review of a Trader Joe's product before, this site is an easy way to locate one before having to search the internet. They have a search section where you can type in your search terms to pull up a review, if they have done on on that particular product. It is also fun to look up products that you may not normally have tried to see someone else's take on them. You just may be persuaded to try the product---or be more reassured that you need to stay away! If you like Trader Joe's like I do, go over and see what What's Good at Trader Joe's? has to offer!

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