Chicken Breast Stuffed with Goat Cheese, Swiss Cheese, and Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Last week, I made a stuffed chicken breast that was stuffed with sun-dried tomatoes, goat cheese, and Swiss cheese. I used a recipe for Chicken Breasts Stuffed with Goat Cheese and Sun-dried Tomatoes from Cooking Light. For the most part, I followed the recipe. However, I substituted half of the goat cheese with shredded Swiss cheese. I also used red onion instead of shallot. I put a little paprika on the chicken. Also, I paired our chicken with quinoa instead of orzo.

The recipe was easy and straightforward. This was not one of those recipes where you thought that there was no way that you would get all of the steps done at the right time. I think that my addition of the Swiss cheese was good--it cut through the sweetness of the goat cheese. Without it, our goat cheese would have been way too sweet!

There was something off about the sauce. I am not 100% sure that the chicken even needed the sauce. To us, it seemed to taste too sweet and winey. My husband and I thought maybe it had something to do with the balsamic that we used.

We did love the chicken. It was a nice change up! Plus, even thought it was easy, it looked like it was more difficult to make. Next time, though, I most likely skip the sauce!

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