A Little Time and a Keyboard: Website Wednesday: Wondermind -- a Fascinating Adventure for Kids

Website Wednesday: Wondermind -- a Fascinating Adventure for Kids

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Today, I ran across a really fascinating website for kids called Wondermind. And, when I mean fascinating, I mean I actually was having  fun exploring the site myself.

Too many of the websites and games on the internet are total mind sucks. Wondermind, however, is full of fun games with tons of learning.

Wondermind uses Alice in Wonderland in order to create learning opportunities for games. While engaging in activities on the site, children learn about how the brain, or "wondermind," works and how it develops as they grow. In one game, Alice chases the hare through a maze of holes while eating cake to grow. As she grows, it is easier for her to catch the hare. After the game, there is an educational video on brain synapses. The video further engages little learners by asking questions. My daughter was mesmerized during the video.

I really like how Wondermind uses art and science, games and explanations to teach children. 
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Wondermind is part of an exhibit at Tate Liverpool,an art gallery and museum in England. It is really one of the better and more innovative children's websites that I have seen. My words cannot really explain it, so go take a look!

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