A Little Time and a Keyboard: Another Beautiful Walk Through the Volo Bog

Another Beautiful Walk Through the Volo Bog

Sunday, September 2, 2012

A couple of weeks ago, we found ourselves with some free time. We decided to capitalize on great weather and headed to the Volo Bog.

The Bog was quite different than what I showed you in a previous post. Due to such a dry summer, there was a lot less moisture which left many areas normally full of water pretty dry. We managed to find one area still pretty full of water and had fun watching a family of ducks move around the pond.

My daughter loves to participate in any and all scavenger hunts. When we were there, the Bog had a little hunt-type activity where they had 12 trees labelled. Children had to search for the trees. Upon locating the tree, children can read a card identifying and describing the tree. I have yet to see if my daughter retained any of this information, however it was fun!

We had fun identifying wildlife. Because there were sections that were muddy, a number of critters left paw prints for us to check out. We also saw gobs of birds and some frogs.

The trails are open 8AM-8PM through Labor Day. They are open 8AM-7PM through the rest of September and 8AM-6PM through October. Visiting the Volo Bog is free! The Volo Bog is open year round, so check their website for more details on open hours. Plus, please note that there may be conditions that will cause trails to be closed.

The preserve also has a nature center.  The center has some interactive exhibits that are fun and educational.  The center is open Wednesday-Sunday from 9AM-3PM. There also are picnic areas.

You can also check our previous post to see some more wonderful views from this beautiful place.

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